Sunday, March 15, 2015

Easter Designs: Crosses, Eggs and Bunnies

Hello Friends!  

Easter is upon us!  Time to get your door decorated.  Here are a few of my Easter door hanger designs.  I am taking orders now for Easter.
Please let me know if you would like to place an order.  

aka Cleverly Creative Girl

Foam Board Crosses $25
These fun foam board crosses are lightweight (so they won't scratch your door) and can be made in any color, design, and message you like.  (It's best if the foam board cross is displayed out of direct afternoon sun and is protected by either a porch or storm door)

Canvas Stuffed Crosses  $35
These beautiful crosses are made out of double primed canvas.  They hold their shape great.  You may choose your colors and design.  

Canvas Stuffed Easter Eggs  $35 
These cute canvas stuffed Easter Eggs are so cute!  Just tell me what color, design and message you would like on it.  They hold their shape great, year after year.  

Canvas Stuffed Bunnies  $35
Let one of these cute canvas stuffed bunnies hop on over to your door this Easter.  Choose your design and colors.  Can also add wording to the lower
section of the bunnies.