Monday, June 13, 2011

Monogram Wall Art

Now that school is out and I'm off work for the summer, I intend on making up for all the lost creative time during the school year. This may be my new favorite thing! This was my first attempt at painting something with a zebra print. Before today, I probably hadn't done any painting since before Christmas. Since I got my new favorite "toy" (aka Silhouette machine) a few months back, I've been monogramming all sorts of things. I decided that the walls in my bedroom needed a little something that was "fun," so I decided to try out this little project.

For this project, you will need:

12 x 16 canvas board
acrylic paints (I used Black and Caribbean Blue)
blue painters tape
paint brushes in various sizes
Silhouette machine
black vinyl

1. Use your Silhouette machine to design and cut out your monogram. I made my monogram approximately 8" x 10.5". Peel off the negative space and transfer monogram to transfer paper. Set aside to use later in the project.

2. Tape off the borders of your canvas with blue painters tape so that you can paint the inside block a single color. I used Caribbean Blue. I made my borders 2" wide on the short sides and 1.5" inches on the long sides.

3. Paint the inside block of the canvas your desired color. Allow to dry and repeat with a second coat. Allow to dry completely and remove blue painters tape.

4. Next, lightly draw your desired design around your border. In this case, I drew zebra stripes.

5. Apply blue painters tape to the inside edge of your border. You will be putting the painters tape temporarily on top of the color you painted in the center earlier. Using painters tape will give you a clean, crisp edge for your border print.

6. Paint out your border design. In this case, I used black paint. This design is a little time consuming, but I love the effect. Allow to dry completely and remove the blue painters tape. Do any touch ups that are necessary.

7. Apply the monogram to the center of the canvas board, making sure that it is centered on all sides.

8. Attach some fun ribbon to the back as a hanger and you're done!

If this is too much work for you or not your cup of tea, I am selling these customized wall art pieces for $40. You can choose your colors and your border design (zebra, stripes, polka dots, etc). You can also put your name (first or last) instead of the monogram, if you choose. It is completely customizable. Just send me a quick email to and I'll contact you to place your order!

Keep on creating!

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